Money, Mail, & Meals – What’s Different?

When you make a move from one place to another you find that things are, perhaps, done differently. This happens even if you move from one city to another within your own state. Things are similar but different at the same time. Perhaps that’s why making a move is both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. However you look at it, if you make a … Continue reading Money, Mail, & Meals – What’s Different?

Lost in the black hole of the Internet

LOL I need a black hole protector on my laptop.  I think I might have written 10,000 words on my dissertation so far if it weren’t for the internet black hole.  Here’s an example from this morning: I was searching for news stories about the total amount of money spent to add counter terrorism enhancements to rail stations in the United Kingdom.  Found an article or … Continue reading Lost in the black hole of the Internet

First things first . . . Introductions!

As this is our first meeting, it seems like a good way to start any relationship is with an introduction so here goes:  Hi, my name is Morgan.  I’m originally from Athens, Georgia USA and I am currently living in beautiful Scotland.  I’ve lived here since last September and will be here for one year while I complete an MBA at the University of Glasgow.  I’m a proud … Continue reading First things first . . . Introductions!